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MessengerVias, MessengerTerra and MessengerAero enable you to monitor multiple conditions at remote locations and alert you to potential problems. They differ in how they communicate.

Satellite, Land-Line or Cellular: Which communication method is best for my application.


Messenger ViaS

Our MessengerViaS is ideal for monitoring equipment and environmental conditions at outdoor locations where cellular coverage is weak or non-existent. MessengerViaS delivers enterprise-grade satellite communication at a cost that is competitive with cellular. MessengerVias is used to monitor: Communication hut, emergency trailers, storage tanks, construction equipment, environmental sensors, oil-field equipment, cargo containers and marine equipment.   MORE

satellite communications

Messenger Terra

MessengerTerra is a high-tech remote monitor that uses the good old-fashion phone line to keep you informed of conditions at your remote locations. Phone lines are low cost and reliable. The fact that conventional phone lines do not use the internet offers protection against cyber attacks.  MORE 

land-line communications 

Messenger Aero

The Messenger Aero Remote Monitor in intended for both fixed and mobile applications in areas of dependable cellular coverage. We will be introducing several remote monitors that use cellular communications. Call us for additional information.  Coming in 2015

cellular communications 


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